Justin Bieber, Juno Awards ratings success

Thanks largely to the appearance (and performance) by teen singing sensation Justin Bieber, the 2010 Juno Awards were the most-watched in Canada since 2003. As a matter of fact, the show (which saw 6.5 million people tune in at some point during the broadcast) reportedly beat out the Stanley Cup Playoffs (which are more or less equivalent to the NFL Playoffs here in the United States).

The president of CTV’s creative content and channels had this to say about the performance:

“The 2010 Juno Awards will ultimately be remembered for its memorable performances, cutting-edge production and welcoming hometown crowd.”

The “peak audience” of the night was during Bieber’s performance, when 2.1 million Canadians were watching. While that may seem small by our standards, we also must remember that Canada only has 33 million people compared to our 300 million-plus. If we multiply the numbers to meet our demographic, this year’s Juno performance would be the equivalent of about 20 million people watching and awards show in the States — which is far and away better than how the Academy of Country Music Awards did at the same time Sunday night.

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