Bieber arrives in France, touting hat, signing cancelled

Young Canadian superstar Justin Bieber has recently touched down in France amidst a crowd of screaming fans, all wanting to get a glance of the 16 year old pop sensation on the French leg of his “My World 2.0″ tour. Justin was seen sporting his beloved trademark hat after the perpetrator of an incident in New Zealand involving the theft of the hat had returned the stolen property later that evening. Justin is reported to have forgiven the thief, telling 3News, “”You stole my property. It’s essentially illegal. But, it’s fine, I forgive you.”.

Whilst on the New Zealand leg of his tour, Justin’s mother was man handled at the airport by a teenage female who was fixated on stealing the trademark hat. Things were looking up, however, when the teen star picked-up a New Zealand “All Blacks” Rugby Jersey, with his name on it, which he is reported to be excited about along with being able to get his favorite purple NY hat back.

Since his early days starting off on YouTube, Justin has come a long way, becoming one of the most popular and youngest singer’s to ever tour the earth. He has travelled from the USA, to Australia, New Zealand and now to France. Upon arriving in France, he promptly updated his twitter page stating “”PARIS IS CRAZY!!!” and that he was “Sorry to any of the kids I didn’t get to meet. I love all of you for your support,” after the French authorities shut down his in-store signing amidst fears of a similar scene to Sydney, where a small riot broke out.

Justin is due to return back to the United States on Saturday, where he is expected on The Oprah Show later next week. This will conclude his current promotional tour, leaving many fans wondering when, or if, he will ever return to the world stage. One thing’s for sure, Justin Bieber will be around for some time yet, as his popularity and fans grow by the day.

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