Justin Bieber, along with Twilight stars, make People’s Most Beautiful

At just 16, teen pop superstar Justin Bieber has joined the likes of Twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart on the People’s most beautiful list for 2010. The People’s Most Beautiful List is set by People magazine, famous for it’s celebrity and human-interest stories. Girls as young as 3 are joining the club and supporting Bieber in his rise to the top

For someone as young as Bieber, performance’s in his own YouTube music video’s, as well as countless public appearances all around the globe has practically ensured he received a place in this who’s who of celebrity people lists. After starting off singing in a local competition in Stratford whose performance was recorded and posted on YouTube by his mother, his popularity has steadily grown, with more and more fans buying his albums, helping him achieve the title of international teen sensation Justin Bieber is today.

He can attribute his success to his vocal ability, his cute teenage looks and his appearance in his own Justin Bieber music videos on YouTube. He was signed to Island Records in Los Angeles, where his popularity was further enhanced by having the guest vocals of Usher on his first single, “One time”. Within just a week of it’s release, it was number 12 on the Canadian Hot 100 charts, showing how talented this young man must be, which combined with his good looks means he is an unstoppable force in modern pop music.

To further ad to his reputation, appearances on shows such as Saturday Night Live and Silent Library, “The School Gyrls” movie and the series “True Jackson, VP” on Nickelodeon has ensured his presence is known and felt by all. Music video’s on various channels and on YouTube, plus the listing of his music on the iTunes website have further added to increase his popularity. To put it simply – this young man has everything going for him.

His recent appearance in People magazines “Most Beautiful” list shows just how popular this young Canadian teenager has become in his few short years on the world stage. With a fan base numbering in the millions, from all corners of the globe, it is safe to say we will be seeing Justin in this list more than once in the years to come. The appearance and timing of the lists release couldn’t come at a better time as he has just finished promoting his “My World 2.0” album around the world and is also due on the Oprah show within the week.

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