Did Justin Bieber Just Make Kim Kardashian His Girlfriend?

Justin Bieber and new

Justin Bieber and new "girlfriend" Kim Kardashian

Is 29 year old reality TV star Kim Kardashian just too old for Justin Bieber? Lots of fans think so, but not the 16 year old cutie! He was certainly star-struck when he attended the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in Washington DC. Justin confided in eager reporters and told them that he had always wanted to meet Miss Kardashian in the flesh – and now his wish was granted!

Justin traipsed into the star-studded event and who should be see but Kim Kardashian herself, dressed resplendently in her strapless dress she christened a “vintage Valentino” borrowed from her mom Kris Jenner. True to the vintage look she tamed her otherwise wild, dark tresses in a neat bun. And with her killer red lip color, she enthralled Justin no end when she stopped to have a chat with him. You can also see that he was thrilled to shake her hands but that’s not all – it seems as if Kim was also genuinely star-struck when they posed for photographs amidst the glare of the eager paparazzi’s flash. Is she falling for Justin, and wants him to make her his “Baby“?

Earlier on Justin had unabashedly revealed that he had the hots for Kim, saying that “I think she’s (Kim) cute. And, no, she’s not too old for me.” Although very flattered, Kim however countered that she’d preferred if he dated her 14 year old sister Kendall instead. The teen star did not agree nor disagree, and goes on to say that he is searching for a girl who’s humorous, with “nice eyes and a nice smile.” Will that rule out Kim Kardashian or is he actually describing her? He did opined that women over 40 years are a no-no, so let’s just see if Kim fits the bill!

After the grand event, Justin Bieber sent out a Twitpic showing both of them posing for a photo with the caption “Look it’s my girlfriend”, drawing tons of incredulous comments from fans and curious members of the public. And although Kim thought that Justin was too young for her, she did nevertheless updated her Twitter account with this phrase: “I officially have Bieber fever!”

With all that’s said and done, Justin still insists that he is single. He even went as far as to reassure fans about his relationship status when he re-tweeted statements on Twitter that he is indeed single (for now). Although linked to teen celebs like Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus, he has not made conclusive remarks about who he is officially dating. So far it looks like the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star is the oldest yet in his little black book!

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  1. wow wat a surprise justin does get al the grls!!

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