Usher Not Passing On P Diddy’s Advice to Bieber

Justin Bieber’s mentor Usher has claimed he won’t be passing on any advice he had from P Diddy to the teenager.

The OMG singer, who was mentored by Diddy, then Puff Daddy when he first shot to fame has stated he doesn’t advise the 16-year old in the same way the rapper did with him as ‘sex, drugs and alcohol’ wouldn’t work for the youngsters image.

The 31-year old star said: “I had Puff as my mentor, but I wouldn’t pass on any of the advice he gave me,”

He laughed. “Hip-hop, sex, drugs and alcohol wouldn’t really work for Justin’s image. He’s headed in the right direction. I’ve told him to do everything I wouldn’t do.”

Usher then said of Bieber: “He has this amazing talent. He has the voice, the personality, he has so many God-given talents. As he begins to open up and go out of his comfort zone in music, he’s going to get even greater.”

Via: MTV UK News

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