Firefox addon removes all mentions of Justin Bieber

The more Justin Bieber love he receives from his tween fans, the more annoyed geeks will be banning him from the Internet. After being taking off of the Twitter trending topics, the 16 year old Canadian singer is now facing another blow to extend his popularity – the Shaved Bieber! What you do is just save it as a bookmark and voila! All mentions of Justin Bieber and even his photos will be blocked instantly from your browser.

This application, which can be used as a Firefox add-on, is the brainchild of a web designer named Greg Leuch. He’s a developer of the group known as Free Art and Technology online creative collective. Leuch is also the person responsible of creating a web application that converts an all caps blog into regular caps to diminish the cap-heavy writings of Kanye West in his celebrity blog.

So Bieber fanatics, it seems too many people are being grouchy towards your “Baby”. Will you tell them “One Time” that they need to stop on antagonizing Justin Bieber? Or else, there will be more than “One Less Lonely Girl” in the world! We all don’t want to ignore Justin Bieber in the Internet. What do you think about this?

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