Justin Bieber – Never Say Never Ft. Jaden Smith (Music Video)

Justin Bieber has recorded “Never Say Never” with The Karate Kid” star, Jaden Smith. Smith, son of Will and Jada Smith, is making a name for himself with his lead role in this film due to his dancing and rapping skills.

The video shows clips of the two young stars recording in the studio dancing and singing along with clips from The Karate Kid which hits theaters June 11. Bieber says the video is “Chuck Norris Approved” and he calls Smith his “lil’ bro.”

The 11-year-old star spits rhymes reminiscent of his dad. “”I can handle him Hold up, aight I can handle him Now he’s bigger than me Taller than me And he’s older than me And stronger than me And his arms a little bit longer than me But he ain’t on a J.B. song with me.” Bieber, who usually sings of girls and romance sings powerfully, “I will never say never I will fight till forever Whenever you knock me down I will not stay on the ground Pick it up.”

The video of these two pop sensations will surely draw in a lot of attention for the remake of this 1984 classic. The “hip-hop flavored” song promotes strength and will-power, and, of course, The Karate Kid.

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  1. Omg Justin Bieber is so sexy

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