Is Justin Bieber dead!? (Rumor)

Poor little teen idol Justin Bieber has been caught up in yet another internet rumor, this time the rumor is that Justin Bieber is Dead but is it true? Has Justin Bieber Died?

Well according to several unofficial website he’s still alive but no official news sources have come out yet to say whether or not Bieber is dead or alive which generally means that he’s alive.

When a celebrity of Bieber’s caliber passes away, it would make for hot news and would be picked up within minutes from major news sources: CNN, CBS, NBC and on the internet it would be picked up by the likes of Huffingtonpost so this “Justin Bieber Died” rumor is probably nothing more than a rumor.

Bieber is alive and well, on tour somewhere and causing more Bieber Fever with his each and every step. Plus, here’s one more thing to remember, if Justin has died, his official website would have a massive message about it, which it doesn’t. The website is streaming the latest stories on Biebs and unfortunately those latest articles are asking if he’s dead.

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