Justin Bieber “Somebody to Love” (Remix) ft. Usher Music Video

The music video for the official remix version featuring Usher was filmed during the week of May 9, 2010, directed by Dave Meyers. The video was choreographed by Jamaica Craft, notable for her work with choreography on videos for Usher and Ciara. Rather than a storyline as in Bieber’s previous videos, the video focuses on a dance and choreography aspect. Meyers stated that he wanted this video to be more playful, stating,

The video features Bieber dancing along several dance crews along a black backdrop, and a scene with ninjas and a flame outline. The video begins with Bieber dancing with different members of the crews with use of a spotlight effect, followed by Bieber being flaunted by a single female dancer. Then the video cuts to Bieber performing jerkin’-style choreography with two male dancers dressed in attire associated with jerkin, including red suspenders. With the aid of smoke, the video moves to Bieber dancing with Beat Freaks. Usher sings his verse along with The Syrenz as Geisha dancers in a room with metal chandeliers before unting with Bieber dancing in the scene aided by Poreotics. Then Bieber and Usher sing and dance with Media Sirkas in ninja attire in front of a background of Chinese calligraphy (“Love”) and flames, before returning to the black backdrop and metal chandeliers as Bieber dances with Simmie and LXD in a scene with bookbags. The ending features Bieber and several of the dancers featured performing group choreography before cutting to Bieber and Usher with the in front of the calligraphy and flames.

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  1. Carlo Allday // July 12, 2010 at 9:09 pm // Reply

    : )!!!

  2. jb i love you and somebody to love is cool i love you

  3. jb ilove your music!!!

  4. we love you justin

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