Justin Bieber Tops Youtube, Surpasses Gaga

Justin Bieber was in the recording studio on July 19, 2010 with one of music’s most influential artists and producers, Dr. Dre. The pop singer even Tweeted about his meeting with the hit-making rapper while preparing for his concert in Los Angeles, CA.

Bieber wrote, “Got to be in the studio with the legend himself Dr. Dre, made a couple beats and he gave me some advice…I was hyped. Can you blame me?”

That same day, Bieber’s fans celebrated as the teen star’s music video “Baby” became the all-time most watched clip on YouTube. With over 250 million hits, “Baby” beat out Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” video for the highest number of views.

“I just need to say that Lady Gaga is an incredible artist who I have great respect for,” Bieber said. “And her vid is incredible. Thank you all for caring. Just want you to know I care too and I’m just a normal kid. Thanks.”

Via: The Examiner

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  1. i love your song baby i singing

  2. i love you justin biber

  3. you can be my borfranda

  4. me and mikayla ,chasity,mongan,and we love you.

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