Justin Bieber Was Spotted With Selena!

This past few weeks there has been a hot rumor running around, many Bieber enthusiasts and fans were frantically going online just so they could ensure if what they’re hearing is true. An Indonesian fan started making a rumor that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are dating, and apart from that the fan said it was made official. It seems that Indonesia just can’t have enough of Bieber. Much of this rumor also started to spread on tweeter that eventually made more and more people discover the so called relationship of both celebrities. Spreading like wild fire, the issue finally landed in America and in Hollywood.

Once the rumor has gotten its way to reach the area of the celebrities, a lot of television networks started making write up’s if the rumor is of factual truth or not. After making several attempts to get both parties statements about the said issue going on, Selena then admitted that “it was just pancakes” and apart from that she also said that they only “had a walk” on the teen stars stroll. A lot of people actually believed that the off-cam relationship of these two is confirmed. Many fans attested that Selena being 18; and Justin only 16 is an issue that would make their reputation both tainted, some fans were already calling Selena different bad names like Cougar, Pedophile and such, although Bieber fans already know that he is into older women, still many fanatics were rooting for the relationship to end.

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