Is Jasmine The Official Girlfriend Of Justin Bieber?

This question has been one of the most talked about in tweeter, facebook and many other social networking and entertainment portal sites. The pop sensation was reportedly rumored that he was dating a non showbiz girl who is also currently working for him on his concert tours as an opening act. Jasmine Villegas as many of you don’t know; is the so called off-cam girlfriend of Justin Bieber for quite some time already. Many Bieber fans and enthusiasts went curiously crazy about the two spending so much time together, even if Justin is only 16; he was able to manage to earn thousands of fans in a short amount of time. The two were caught by many paparazzis and photographers exchanging more than just preppy talk and milkshakes, a stranger was even able to take a snapshot of the two kissing each other inside of his car.

Although Justin kept denying that the rumor is not entirely true, the leaked photos suggests otherwise what is really going on between the lines. Justin made Jasmine his official opening act in his My World 2.0 tour worldwide. Justin kept tweeting about his tour in Hawaii, saying “Hawaii lets spend some more time together”, and other tweets about him going on a boat with the whole crew trying to enjoy a sunny day. Fans were still skeptical as to why he hasn’t tweeted anything about Jasmine during his stay in the island, but even if no word came out from Justin about their relationship, the leaked photos that was on the internet was already an evident proof of their status.

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