Justin Bieber’s My Worlds Collection Album

Noted as one of the hottest male performers of this generation, Justin Bieber has released an album that contains a discography of all his number one hits and bonus tracks. The “My Worlds” collection has hit the stands of record stores last November 2010. The two disc album consists of his most popular hits and the other disc contains acoustic versions of his songs like Never Say Never and the new single Pray. This is just one proof that Bieber has made a name that would mark on people’s minds and hearts for the coming long years. Everyone knows who Justin is, and since the moment he became a superstar, millions of faithful fans just couldn’t have enough of his charm and sexy moves. Girls would even cry the moment they catch a glimpse of the young star.

Many Bieber fans were moved and touched by his graceful approach and tackle on songs about being a teenager in love and about being faithful to only one girl. All girls would want some piece of him, or if not they want someone who is dedicated as Justin is to his girl. Although many rumors were running around about him being a player, his followers still believe that he is genuine and his songs are sincerely written form his heart or from his past experiences. This is what makes all of his audience crave for his music more, not just because his melody is upbeat and danceable, but because the lyrics are truly a heartwarming composition of true love at a young age.

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