Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez – How True Is Their Relationship?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were caught by paparazzis having a romantic time during their tour in Miami. Their teen stars tour was packed with thousands of fans that wanted to see both celebrities perform on stage. During their tour, paparazzis were able to take some shots of them holding hands that seem like their having a romantic time together. The photos were posted on the internet a few moments after the photographers took the snapshots, and as soon as the photos were uploaded, the rumor started to spread on entertainment websites, social networking sites and other forum sites about celebrities. Thousands of Bieber fans started going online and went searching for the said photos about the two being together while they were on tour in Miami.

A lot of fans of both celebrities were completely shocked about the unexpected chemistry that ignited between the two, and fans knowing Justin that he really is into older women, they still think that their relationship might be a little bit risky for their career. With Selena being only 18, she was already been called by Biebers’ obsessed fans as Cougar, Pedophile and so much more. This immediately caught her attention and went out to the press and media to admit that the photos they have seen was just her and Bieber talking a walk, and that they only had pancakes. Although viewers still consider that her statement isn’t convincing enough, they let alone let the kids enjoy their time together on their tour.

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