Justin Bieber For Best Breakthrough Act In Brit Awards

The young pop sensation who has catch the hearts of millions of teenagers from all over the world has yet again proved that he is worthy of some recognition. Justin Bieber has been nominated for Best Breakthrough Act at the 2011 BRIT Awards; this was announced earlier right before the award giving body announced that the voting is officially open. Thousands of Bieber fans immediately registered online at the Brit Awards website just so they could vote for their idol to win. Justin has won numerous awards during his entire singing career, and apart from that he has received global recognition and fame from different continents. He has truly lived up to his name as one of the best mainstream artists of today, with catchy beats and romantic cheesy pop melody, nothing can stop this young boy to take over the world.

It is rumored that even if Justin has so little time in the world, he can still perfectly manage to impress girl he likes, and most of he girl he want to impress is pretty much older than him. In recent interviews, Justin stated a couple of time on how he has such a big crush on Beyonce and how we would love to work with her someday. He has made a number of hits since he released his first album My World, and with its debut single One Time, he immediately gained fame and recognition in the music industry, beating other artists who has been long enough selling records as well. He is truly one amazing performer that keeps giving hope and love to many teenagers all over the world.

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