Justin Bieber Is Dating Jasmine Villegas!

Rumor has it that the chemistry between Justin Bieber and Jasmine Villegas are getting intense by the minute. Sources say that Bieber invited Jasmine Villegas to come with him on his My World 2.0 Tour in Hawaii. A lot of photos were taken by different photographers and paparazzis while they were on the island. Some photos that were taken was Jasmine who immediately went to hug Justin before the start of their show, while this was not the only shots that were taken of the two kids, some of their photos kissing each other inside of his car were taken some time before the tour in Hawaii. Meaning, they have been going out together for quite a long time already. One of the photos that were taken of them was in Venice, California; some stranger were able to catch the couple exchanging kisses at the back of his Honda car. Though Justin and Jasmine kept denying that they’re really just best buds, many people still think that they have more than just being really close to each other.

The photo that was taken in Venice indicates that both of them were lip locking each other, and when the photo was uploaded in the internet, many die hard Bieber fans got so jealous that Jasmine was able to get Justin all for her. Many fans think that she was only carried away by the Bieber fever sensation, which drawn her so much into the pop sensations presence all the time. Apart from Jasmine working for him for his concert tours, fans also said that she was so lucky to be able to hit two birds in just one stone. Bieber made her the opening act for all his tours during their relationship.

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