Justin Bieber Seen Getting Cozy With Selena Gomez?

An Indonesian entertainment website started a rumor that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are officially dating, and that the two celebrities were seen hugging each other inside of the bus during their teen stars stroll in Miami. This issue started to spread faster than lightning on the internet mainly in tweeter, facebook and tumblr, and other entertainment websites. A lot of Justin’s fans went literally insane as they heard that Selena was into Justin, and it wasn’t such a good thing for them. They wanted the relationship to stop so bad immediately. Although many other enthusiasts thought the two celebrities look cute together, majority of his followers still think that Selena is too old for her to even be considered.

This rumor was so hot that reporters actually tried getting Selena’s statement regarding the issue. But after so many attempts by different television network and press, Selena only stated that what they had was only “just pancakes and we only had a walk” during their teen stars stroll in Miami. The paparazzis were able to catch some steamy photos of the two hugging each other and Bieber placing one hand on Selena’s shoulder inside their tour bus. By the time these hot controversial photos were released, thousands of Bieber fans went on a rampage to do everything to stop whatever the two celebrities have. This rumor has been one of the hottest gossips that were talked about on forums, variety shows, and other entertainment websites.

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