Justin Bieber Was Spotted On A Boat With A Girl

Reports have come in that Justin Bieber and Jasmine Villegas were on a boat in Hawaii after his concert; the photos that were taken of the two kids indicated that they were having not just a fun time but more of a romantic moment. The couple of pictures that’s been spread like wild fire on the internet have caught the attention of many Bieber fanatics and enthusiasts. Justin who is currently 16 has been recognized as one of the pop sensations at an early age. Discovered by the famous singer Usher, Justin made his way onto the top of the charts with his debut album My World, and with its debut he has made million of records sold in a matter of months. It is no wonder that this kid became a superstar to many teenagers and kids from all over the world; he was able to catch the hearts of many people with his upbeat songs and romantic pop music.

With everything that’s been happening in his career, he still managed to get some time off with someone special to him. Jasmine as what most people don’t know; is currently the apple of Justin’s eye, and apart from that she is also a part of the crew that performs on his concerts as an opening act. Thousands of Bieber fans went literally crazy about the two being together, although a large portion of his fans wanted him to stay single, no one could really make this superstar stop dating girls he likes. The paparazzis were able to take some photos about the two spending some grand time in Hawaii in their bikini, and though Justin consistently denied the rumor that was spreading, the pictures say otherwise how these two are spending their time perfectly off-cam.

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