My Worlds – Justin Bieber’s New Compilation Album

Among the many new artists that are making their way into the top charts, one particular performer has been globally recognized for his unmatched talent in dancing and singing. Justin Bieber is a former Youtube sensation that turned into a superstar in just a short amount of time, and by being discovered by a famous rnb singer, he has taken over the mainstream music since the release of his first album. But despite the number one hits and the instant rise to fame, Bieber then again released a compilation of his popular songs. The “My Worlds” compilation album made its way to record bars all over the world; the collection contains two discs of his number one hits plus another disc that consists of his acoustic versions of his songs like the new single Prayer and the catchy Never Say Never from the original soundtrack of Karate Kid.

Thousands of fans wouldn’t care if they have to wait and sleep on the concert venue just so they can get to see Bieber live; he has earned a large number of faithful followers just by singing songs about a boy being in love with only one girl for the rest of his life. It is somehow amazing how this talented young performer were able to catch the hearts and interest of people from different parts of the globe, and more than ever, he has made his name a name to remember. Although he admitted that he likes older women, maybe it is one of the reasons why he writes his songs so good.

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