Selena Caught With Justin Bieber!

It’s been a hot topic for more than weeks now; people have been talking about the Justin Bieber – Selena Gomez dating status in different social networking sites and entertainment portal websites. A lot of Bieber fans went on a rampage just to make sure that the issue is true, and everyone knows how Bieber has taken over the mainstream market of pop music. Selena who is 18 was caught with Bieber going up his tour bus after his concert in Miami, and many paparazzis were able to get some photos of their romantic moment together. The leaked pictures that were uploaded on the internet indicated that the two celebrities were indeed hanging out with each other. The evidence was so true that thousands of Bieber obsessed fans sent Selena not just hate mails but death threats as well.

This alarmed the 18 year old to then make a statement about the leaked photos that was on the internet. On her behalf, she said that “it was just pancakes” and nothing more than that, the other photos were they were seen hanging out was only “we had a walk” too. So many haters started protesting about their so called off-cam relationship. Although many others are rooting for their chemistry, there are still a huge portion of Bieber fans that wants their relationship to end as soon as possible. Viewers find it weird that Justin is that famous and popular that he’s got a handful of obsessed fans that wants him to be single for a long time. But Justin already made it clear in several interviews that he really likes to date older women if given the chance.

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