Why Crowd Control Is Strictly Implemented For Justin Bieber’s Tours

Since he was introduced to the public, Justin Bieber quickly gained an increasingly huge amount of followers from all over the world. From posting home videos on Youtube to getting discovered, to signing a record deal to releasing his first debut album, Bieber has taken the world in a split second without even knowing that he would turn into this massive ball of fame. Everyone from this teenage generation is craving for more Bieber than any other artists out in the music industry today; it is why thousands of followers started getting their hands on whatever Bieber items and collectibles they could possibly have. With the huge success of his career, crowd control has been implemented on his tours due to the large amount of fans getting out of control once he steps into the stage.

During the promotion of his My World album, Biebers team main priority was the safety concerns and security due to the high volume of followers he has instantly gained. There was a time during his tour in Long Island that the concert had to be cancelled because reports say that the event went out of control, it was so uncontrollable that the producers had to call in back-up from the Garden City and Nassau County police. They were also reports that a number of fans were injured during the rush of entering the concert venue. Although the huge number of crowd is their main problem, Biebers team still manages to get the show running on the said time.

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